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I'd like to appreciate for your standing for the chair.  I have nothing 
to say if no other person volunteer for it.

Also, I would like to say thank you for Norm, for your effort and 
contribution as the chair of OpenPrinting WG.

on 2006/10/26 11:40 McDonald, Ira said the following:
> Hi,
> Till and I have discussed this at some length today.
> Glen Petrie is not able to be our new chair (though
> he intends to remain on the Steering Committee).
> Norm Jacobs told me today that he will remain on the
> Steering Committee as well (though retire as chair).
> I would like to be the next Steering Committee chair.
> Till agrees with this and suggests that it's a good
> division of labor - Till will coordinate Printing 
> Summits and work on the FSG port of linuxprinting.org.
> If any other Steering Committee member is willing
> to volunteer to be the next chair, please state your
> interest on the mailing list in the next ten days.
> We should discuss this topic at our next Steering
> Committee monthly teleconference on Monday/Tuesday
> 6/7 November.
> If someone wishes to be appointed to join the Steering
> Committee (appointments are by invitation of the seated
> Steering Committee) and also wishes to be the next
> chair, please declare your interest to the FSG OP 
> Architecture mailing list in the next ten days.
> Many thanks to Norm for his leadership in the last
> two years.
> Cheers,
> - Ira
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> Good, bad, or indifferent, I have opted to step down as FSG OpenPrinting
> chair next year.  When I agreed to chair OpenPrinting, I did so because
> I wanted to see a bunch of good work move forward.  I also only expected
> to serve for a one year term.  Well, that was just under two years ago. 
> As a result of this, we need to select a new chair for next year.  If
> you have any nominations, you can reply to this message.  For those that
> are attending the summit in Lexington next week, we should probably
> discuss this there.
> Having done this for a while now, I have to say, a one year term
> probably suits everyone best.  A year is enough time to get some things
> done and not too long to get burned out.  After that, the position and
> the group need an infusion of new blood.
> At any rate, I will be stepping down effective January 1, 2007
>     -Norm
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