[Printing-architecture] [printing-driver] PDL Reference Manuals and documentation ne eded

Petrie, Glen glen.petrie at eitc.epson.com
Tue Dec 5 07:44:58 PST 2006

-Another problem is that the FSG site uses a modified version of the GNU
FDL, which might not be compatible with the standard GNU FDL (all undocprint
content uses the standard GNU FDL)



Does this mean that FSG/OpenPrinting API, presentations, etc are now under
GNU FDL?   I assumed that like JTAPI, these things were under a MIT or, more
specifically, not under GNU licenses!  I know this is not exactly the same
issues as with GPL or LGPL licenses but there was a big discussion of this
matter early in OpenPrinting's history and I would like to know if things
have changed since linuxprinting.org moved/merged/integrated with fsg????


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