[Printing-architecture] Project ideas for OpenPrinting in the Google Summer of Code 2009

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at gmail.com
Wed Jan 21 13:05:37 PST 2009

Alex Wauck wrote:
> I intend to resume my work on the KDE4 implementation of the Common 
> Printing Dialog at some point in the near future.

Great, you can continue and upload at any time. Note that the BZR 
repository has moved to


with the release of Foomatic 4.0 last week.

> I could work on 
> patching applications for CPDAPI support for GSoC.

Yes this would be great. I would reserve a slot for your then.

Lars, would you mentor Alex?

> I also have a friend who has quite a bit of experience with web apps and 
> is looking to do GSoC this year.  He has expressed interest in working 
> on the driver management web app.

Please bring me in contact with your friend and tell him to send me a 
mail telling about his experiences, what and where he is studying, in 
which projects he is involved, ... simply for me to know more about him.

Would be great if I have already two students
before the application period opens.


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