[Printing-architecture] Let us finalize printer driver auto-download service on OpenPrinting

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at gmail.com
Fri Feb 6 06:38:16 PST 2009


I would like to have a session on the OpenPrinting Summit (April 8-10, 
2009 in San Francisco) to finalize the the topic of automatically 
downloadable LSB driver packages so that the service can get started and 
that distributions agree to participate (and add the needed keys and 
activate the binary driver package download in their printer setup 
tools/download managers).

On this session we should

- present the paper the manufacturers should sign that they take full 
responsibility over their software in the case that they want to upload 
to our server

- talk about the procedure of providing driver packages on the 
manufacturer's own server (setting external link and package repository 
references in driver XML file, requirements of keeping these references 
up-to-date, ...)

- present and on agree on the standard modules allowed to be used in 
maintainer scripts

- agree on the way packages and repositories get signed and appropriate 
verification keys added to the distributions

- having a "main" repository for automatic download of 
manufacturer-supplied drivers by default and an "optional" repository 
for bleeding-edge free software drivers, ... Agree on in which points 
the conditions for uploading into the "optional" repository can be more 

We should prepare this session well so that we can really do a final 
agreement on the Summit so that the service can be officially started 
right after the Summit.

This means that we should have an agreement paper for the manufacturers 
to sign prepared, demonstration of an externally hosted downloadable 
package, ... list of standard modules for maintainer scripts, ...

Any agreement made before the Summit by e-mail is welcome. For example 
it would be great to post a draft already before the Summit.

Please give your feedback, so that we can use the two months up the 
Summit effectively.


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