[Printing-architecture] OpenPrinting Summit Agenda

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at gmail.com
Sun Feb 8 16:17:33 PST 2009


we need to put together a preliminary agenda as soon as possible. At 
least we will need a list of the most important topics, participants, 
and presentations by the end of this week (Fri, Feb 13). This is needed 
for the announcement of speaker lineup of the LF Collab Summit. See below.

As we are doing the OpenPrinting Summit over all the three days and as 
we do more discussion than presentations, we will not need to fix the 
hours for each of our sessions, but at least get together a list of 
highlights for the OpenPrinting Summit, as for example the most 
important participants.

Therefore we need anyone who has an important position in the printing 
stack to tell us quickly whether he will attend, and also if he has 
anything special to present and what.

See also the message cited below.


C. Craig Ross wrote:
> Requirements for Session Leads:
> 1. Organizing a list of presentations and speakers for your session.
> 2. Inviting the appropriate people to the Collaboration Summit to speak
> and attend your session.
> 3. Preparing the schedule for your session.
> 4. Making sure that we (LF) have all of the necessary abstracts and
> information for the agenda.
> We would like to have the majority of the topics and speakers confirmed
> by Friday, February 13th so that we can publish the schedule and
> announce the lineup for the Collaboration Summit.  Please do your best
> to get your material prepared as quickly as possible.

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