[Printing-architecture] REMINDER: Project ideas for the GoogleSummer of Code 2009

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at gmail.com
Fri Feb 27 11:49:30 PST 2009

George Liu wrote:
>> Lars is ... patching the toolkits to get the D-Bus interface in.
> 1. Does it mean that the GTK+ Print dialog portion will be moved out of GTK+ library and be build into a utility (stand alone program)?

The print dialog will stay in GTK+. There will only get the D-Bus 
interface inserted so that the GTK+ dialog can easily get replaced by 
another dialog.

> 2. Does GTK+ tool kit currently depends on D-Bus(libdbus)?

I don't know. Perhaps it uses D-Bus already for other things.

> 3. What if there's no D-Bus Daemon on the distribution (Nokia Tablet, which uses Gtk+ tool kit, for example). Any fall-back solutions?

The D-Bus part will be ptional. You will be able to build GTK+ with and 
without D-Bus. Or there will be a fallback. If the dialog is called and 
no dialog gets found via D-Bus one could do a fallback to the native 
GTK+ dialog.

> 4. How to register my CPDAPI server application with D-Bus? (Switch from gtk+ print dialog to QT print dialog, for example)

Here I cannot help. Lars? Can you answer this question?


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