[Printing-architecture] OpenPrinting Summit 2009: First cut of putting the sessions into the days

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at gmail.com
Wed Mar 11 16:03:57 PDT 2009


please have a look at


The length of the sessions between the breaks given by the agenda of the 
Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit 
was not very friendly for fitting in the sessions we have talked about 
on this Tuesday's planning phone meeting, but I have got it together.

The topics most interesting for the printer vendors I have put onto the 
Wednesday. Once, Nagasaki-san and Tak Shizoaki will probably only attend 
the first day if they come, and second, I have put the sessions into the 
afternoon, as this is the better time for Japaneses to call in (SF's 
morning is in the middle of the night for Japan). See


The second day is 3 hours color management and 3 hours Desktop printing. 
The Joint meeting with the Desktop Architects should be scheduled as a 
part of the desktop printing sessions in the afternoon. We can continue 
the discussion in the breakout sessions of the third day.

On the third day we will do the breakouts, and the joint meetings with 
LSB and Driver Backports.

I had to break the driver package part into two pieces, to make the 
printer vendor part more accessible for the vendors (see reasoning for 
the first day) and to be able to run a joint session with the Driver 

Slight changes are possible, for example if one of the LF workgroups 
does not agree with our schedule of their joint meeting, or if one of 
you has problems to attend the sessions he desires to attend.

Please tell what you think about the schedules and make suggestions if 
you want to have something changed.

If you want to give a presentation, edit the session where you want to 
give it, and upload and link your slides as soon as you have them ready. 
Slides should be uploaded before the event so that phone attendees can 
easily follow your talk and attendees in general could prepare for the 


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