[Printing-architecture] [Translation] OpenPrinting Japan Mar. 2009 meeting minutes

Osamu MIHARA osamu.mihara at fujixerox.co.jp
Mon Mar 23 22:06:42 PDT 2009

Meeting Minutes of OpenPrinting Japan Mar. 2009
[Date & Place]
  3/19/2009 14:30-16:45 JST
  The Linux Foundation Japan Meeting Room

  Kunai (TLF), Olaf (Avasys), Otani (BBR), Ogasawara (Ricoh),
  Toratani (Canon), Mihara (Fuji Xerox)
  Miyata (Canon), Saito (NEC Soft)

- Action Items Follow Up
- Open Source Conference Tokyo Feedbacks
- Printing related module issues of LSB Sample Implementation
- Agenda for OpenPrinting Summit

 Action Items Follow Up
- CUPS 1.4 Localization - DONE (Mihara)
  Prefix keywords, which should no be translated, were translated and
  failed  to be committed.  Those were fixed and already incorporated
  into the repository.
  ML (transcups at ...) is described as translator address in the pot file.

- Driver redistribution agreement (All)
  no progress -- waiting for the draft agreement

- Investigation of PDF filter performance issue (Otani)
  It takes time in image processing.  Continue investigation.

- Report GS crash in the performance test (Mihara)
  Not yet.

- Comments on Agenda for Collaboration Summit (All)
  Review later in this meeting.

 OSC Tokyo Feedback
- Approx. 10 audiences on Otani's printing track.
- "Form Printing Application Vendor" are attended.  Can be seeds for
  future printing activity if there were some shortages in Linux
  printing environment.
- One question - "Can we use same printer driver as Mac OS X?"
  The answer is that it difficult as the rendering engines are
- "Printing support is possibly one of the bottleneck in introduction of
  Desktop Linux".

 Printing related module issues of LSB Sample Implementation (SI)
- Non standard devices and API's are included in the SI.
  -- "should be stripped"
- GS can be configured in "configure" options
- APIs which are not in the LSB Spec should be "internal API."
- AppChecker can be used to check tool
- Need to comment on the working team that APIs should be hided but
- GS 8.64 is much better that previous version, although LSD does not
  specify the GS version.

 Agenda Review for OpenPrinting Summit

- Automatic download
  Can we reach to final agreement???

- Driver Validation

- Color Management
  Color management in GS seems to be changed.
  We can expect the explanation of new color arch.
  Color management should be discussed in system wide.

- Printing part of appllications
- Common Printing Dialog
  Discussion on how we promote new printing schemes such as PDF workflow
  and CPD, incorporating in applications.

- LSB Joint session
  Uplift to CUPS 1.2 API. (As RHEL5 supports 1.2 at this time)

 Action Items
- Investigate Driver redistribution agreement, when it became available
- Report GS crash in the performance test (Mihara)
- Post comments on LSB SI Issue (Saitou)

  4/22/2009 14:30-
  at The Linux Foundation Japan Meeting Room

-- Osamu MIHARA // Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

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