[Printing-architecture] OpenPrinting Summit 2009: Registration / Participation by Phone / Presentations

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at gmail.com
Wed Mar 25 14:31:13 PDT 2009


Not many people registered up to now. Please register as soon as 
possible if you did not do so yet, so that I have a feeling who actually 
will come. If you registered for the LF Summit and did not mention that 
you want to attend the OpenPrinting Summit, please post here. Post here 
also if you registered for the LF Summit and got rejected by the 
organization team of the LF Summit.

Participation by Phone

If you will participate by call-in, please post here. So I know who I 
can expect to call in. If you call in only for a part of the session, 
please tell to which sessions. You are not required by that to call in 
only on the specified sessions. You can call in whenever you like. The 
conference phones are set up during the whole meeting.

Note that AFAIK call-in participation is only available for the 
OpenPrinting Summit, not the other sessions of the LF Collaboration Summit.


Please post here if you want to give a presentation. Upload your 
presentation as PDF file to the OpenPrinting Summit web site and link it 
from the appropriate session in the agenda.

It would be great to do this until March 31 so that we can talk about it 
on the planning conference call. Please upload the presentation until 
April 3 at the latest to give the atendees some preparation time for the 
discussion. You can re-upload if you have updates.

Do not hesitate to give a presentation when you only participate by 
call-in. We will show your slides while you are talking on the phone. 
This worked great with Mike Sweet's presentation on the Printing Summit 
in Lexington in 2006.


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