[Printing-architecture] GSOC'09: Common Printing Dialog

Alex Wauck alex.wauck at gmail.com
Thu Mar 26 09:25:20 PDT 2009


My name is Alex Wauck, and I started the implementation of the KDE dialog
last summer.  I intend to continue to work on the project this summer.  So,
if accepted, you would likely be working with me.  If you would like to
learn Qt, this project certainly provides an opportunity for that.  The
current code for the KDE dialog needs some refactoring, and the UI needs
some refinement.  The refactoring may be too complex for someone learning
Qt, but UI refinement should be well within reach.  Also, Lars started a GTK
dialog last summer, and since you have experience with GTK, that would be a
good project for you to work on.

Except for the printing dialog and the cpdapi implementation I guess
> that some kind of abstraction is needed so that the underlying print
> method is decoupled from D-Bus in order to use the api for systems
> without D-Bus?

I think the solution for Qt/KDE will subclass QPrintDialog/KPrintDialog with
some way of automatically choosing the right one so that applications don't
need to know whether they are using the Common Print Dialog or a
toolkit-native dialog.  I would imagine a similar arrangement could be made

Also, if two students are chosen for the project what would be a good
> measure for success in modifying other application to use the dialog?

My current goal is to have the dialog working in at least one KDE
application (probably Okular) by the end of July.  Since you have experience
with GTK, perhaps you should pick a fairly simple application (Evince?) and
plan to modify it to use the new dialog.

Finally is the cpdapi used (or experimented with) by any applications
> today that you know of?

Not that I know of.  I had wanted to get my dialog in KDE 4.2, but that
proved to be way too ambitious.  We have a stupidly simple test application,
but that's it.  Getting the dialog implemented in some actual applications
is a goal for this summer.

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