[Printing-architecture] [Printing-summit] OpenPrinting Summit 2009: Schedules changed onThursday, April 9

Hal V. Engel hvengel at astound.net
Wed Apr 1 13:13:43 PDT 2009

On Wednesday 01 April 2009 09:39:28 am Till Kamppeter wrote:
> Paul Tykodi wrote:
> > I had obtained a travel reimbursement funding commitment, to attend this
> > year's OpenPrinting Summit, from one of my customer's specifically
> > related to the Color Printing presentation. They saw this portion of the
> > event as being something that would provide critical information about
> > bringing color printing support to the POSIX compliant operating system
> > space, which would be very difficult or potentially impossible to obtain
> > in any other manner.
> >
> > I fully support giving more time to discuss the Open Printing Dialog but
> > I just wanted to let everyone know the change in schedule may cause me to
> > lose my travel funding so that I might have to convert to a telephone
> > participant as opposed to an onsite participant.
> >
> > I will confirm to you and LF whether I am still able to personally attend
> > in the next day or so.
> Did they require from the session to last a certain minimum of hours? We
> still have the session, it is only a little bit shorter. The intentions
> of the sessions do not change and Michael Vrhel's presentation will
> still be done.
>     Till

Color management and printing are still in the very early stages at this point 
and I am not sure that having a longer session would buy very much since this 
is not far enough along to dig into it in a detailed way.  Even if it were 
that far along we would need much more time than was originally scheduled to 
work at that level of detail.  

From my point of view I was mostly interested in establishing some basic 
agreements on the CM printing architecture and who the players would be in 
each area so that we would know who our contacts were as this moved forward.  
In addition, some of the CPD time will be spent talking about how color 
management will be exposed to users in the CPD.   At least that was what we 
talked about at the last planning meeting.  So this effectively makes the CPD 
session a color management session as well although this will likely only be 
one part of that session. 

One other thing related to this.  I have listened in to most of the planning 
meetings and also kept abreast of the activity on this list and as is always 
the case when CM is first being considered for a new area or application there 
is a significant amount confusion about what exactly CM is and how it should 
work. This is mostly because adding CM to an existing system is not a trivial 
undertaking and those who work on the system, unless they already have a CM 
background, have a significant learning curve to get past to get to the point 
where they have a basic understanding of how it fits into their system.   One 
of my concerns about the CM sessions at the Summit is that we could get bogged 
down in confusion among participants who have not gotten far enough up that 
learning curve to understand how it should/could all fit together.   If this 
turns out to be a significant issue at the Summit then a longer session will 
not help move things forward.


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