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Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at gmail.com
Wed Apr 15 04:47:39 PDT 2009

Robert Krawitz wrote:
>    Date: Tue, 14 Apr 2009 21:03:24 -0700
>    From: Michael R Sweet <msweet at apple.com>
>    Robert Krawitz wrote:
>    > ...
>    > There is a CUPS API call named ppdPageSize that should get the
>    > *actual* named paper size.  We had this kind of issue with Gutenprint
>    > a while back; that turned out to be the solution.
>    There is also a cupsPageSizeName attribute that can be set by
>    drivers that need to know which version of a size was selected.
> Is that just
> *cupsPageSizeName: True
> in the top section of the file?

No, there is a special PostScript expression:

<</cupsPageSizeName (A4.Full)>>setpagedevice

So the PostScript code of each paper size must be

<</PageSize[595 842] /cupsPageSizeName (A4.Full)>>setpagedevice

pdftoraster supports this, too.

>    > I think we've had one or two cases of something that was accepted in
>    > an older version of CUPS (and not getting flagged by cupstestppd)
>    > being rejected by a newer version.  It was either resolution names or
>    > option names or values greater than 40 bytes or so.
>    Resolution names and the PCFileName stuff come to mind.  There have
>    been issues with the lengths of translation strings, too.
> PCFileName is a *real* crock these days.

Is it really needed in real life?


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