[Printing-architecture] Issue list from HP

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at gmail.com
Wed Apr 15 07:41:50 PDT 2009

Tim Waugh wrote:
> Johannes Meixner wrote:
>> How is this implemented?
>> Via hardcoded stuff or is there a reliable working generic way?
> Via hardcoded stuff that Till wrote, which depends on all sorts of HPLIP 
> internals, and which I will probably remove soon.
> Tim.
> */

It calls "hp-info -i -dURI". If the output contains "plugin = 1" the 
plugin is needed. system-config-printer also checks for "plugin = 2" to 
offer the plugin if it has optional enhancements. It uses the 
"plugin-reason" to tell the user which enhancements the plugin supplies. 
And it neverv creates a queue for a printer requiring the plugin if the 
plugin is rejected by the user. So non-working queues are generally not 
set up.


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