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Thanks for the inputs Michael.  This provides some seeds for the
implementation details.  I am hoping Peter will provide similar comment
for the look-and-feel of the interface.






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Due to numerous practical issues, most MFPs that support fax and print
have to use two separate print queues; detecting this from the print
dialog or monitoring application is fairly easy (compare device URIs and
capability bits, merge queues that differ only by capabilities), and
supporting this at the OS level is essential (and then you can really
make things easy by creating both queues, "foo" and "foo_fax"...)


Scanning functionality is managed separately from CUPS at the OS level
(usually SANE + a USB driver) but can be merged in the UI as long as the
OS provides the necessary hooks.


Supporting memory cards (presumably exposed as USB mass storage or some
sort of network share) is also possible, again as long as the OS has the
necessary hooks.


On Apr 16, 2009, at 11:21 AM, Petrie, Glen wrote:

Have you ever considered creating/defining a Common Status/Monitoring
Dialog.   CUPS may have something already but does it support
multi-function devices sub-units like fax, scan, memory card, etc and
can it provide the status/monitoring information on a sub-unit by
sub-unit basis or as a roll-up for the entire MFD or both????



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