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I guess the addition of the actual preview to the CPD has triggered more
review of CPD from my perspective.


I hope and believe the key object of this effort is focused on "Common".
Thus, I now believe we may be trying to do too much in the CPD and
actually need three common dialogs; specifically, the Common Preview
Dialog (CRD), the Common Print Dialog (CPD), and the Common
Status/Monitoring Dialog (CSD).  


Actually, what we call print preview is really "preview of the page
setup" or "layout".  It is expected that printer will print the page as
shown in the "print preview" or "page preview".   So is this the "print
preview" or the applications "page preview"???



1.	We should learn from what other OS / Application have evolved
from or to.
2.	We have now have usability test data and results but I have not
seen use-cases.



Print Preview Dialog:

*       As Johannes stated and I agree, I use Print Preview but only
about 20% of the time (maybe less); the other 80% I am not concerned
with how the content will appear printed or I already know.  The key,
however, is that when I want to print preview I am interested in the
details that really cannot be obtained from a thumbnail representation
of the content.  Example 1; I want to know what rows/columns of my
spreadsheet will fit on a page and will I be able to read the content
once printed.  Example 2; I want to place an image at a specific place
on the print page.   The point is I will need to see the print content
at full scale (as rendered to the screen resolution as a representation
of the print resolution).

o        In this case, I am willing to wait for what ever the needed
processing time is to render the print content because reviewing the
rendered print content is what I want to do.

*       Thus, this needs to be a separate callable dialog from an
application that has the emphasis on panning or zooming of a single page
while stepping through individual pages.  It could have operations to
show margin positions, hole punch locations and other normally invisible



Print Dialog:

*       When I print, however, 95% of the time I want to see a symbolic
representation of the print options.  That is, which edge is selected
when duplex printing, where are the punch hole locations, is the print
BW or color, is the media in portrait or landscape mode.  None of these
and other print options require the actual print content.

o        In this case, I am not willing to wait for a thumbnail
representation of my actual print content because it adds no value to
setting print options.

o        Having a consistent symbolic representation is critical because
it makes it easier to quickly identify what options I have set or have
not set.

*       Therefore, I really support using the previous version of the
CPD along with a symbolic representation of the print options. 


Status/Monitoring Dialog:

*       Some days I want to see this dialog and others days it is very
annoying; so careful consideration of this dialog is important.

o        I don't want see ink/toner levels every time I print. 

o        I don't want see supply levels (waste, paper, trays) every time
I print.

*       What do I want to see?

o        I would like to have the option of three type of dialogs

*         1. A popup dialog box (option to auto close when complete)

*         2. A desktop iconic (with start, % complete, done)

*         3. An application bar (like the % indicator when downloading a

o        First thing, and not really shown today, I want to know if the
printer really accepted my job

o        I want to know what page, of the total pages, is being printed
right now -- not just spooled.

o        I want to know what percentage of the current page has actually
been printed right now at the printer; not just spooled.

*         Yes, there could be a indicator that the print content has
been spooled - therefore, the user know that print content is ready for
physical printing.

o        I want to know when the job has completed.

*       What I do not want to see?

o        I do not want a dialog to popup with "Job Complete" that would
interrupt the work I may be doing to address an "OK done" dialog.


I think I will leave out any other details until I hear feedback from
reading this email.




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