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Hin-Tak Leung <hintak_leung at yahoo.co.uk> writes:

> --- On Tue, 21/4/09, Suffield, David <david.suffield at hp.com> wrote:
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>> > How does the scanner unit enumerate nowadays?
>> There is no change with scanner USB enumeration. As far as
>> I know there is no well defined "scanner" interface like the
>> "mass storage" interface.  
> [snip] ... just want to say that the USB specification has an imaging
> device class (I don't remember the precise name), besides printer and
> mass storage. The imaging device class is where many usb-capable
> digital camera/camcorder appears as. I think the class is called ptp
> but can't remember the name...

There was a scanner device class in a draft of the USB spec (ID = 6) but
that never made the cut for the final standard :-(  As a result the bulk
of the USB scanners now use the vendor specific class (ID = 255).  There
may be some that use something else but there is NO reliable way you can
identify a scanner device short of consulting a database (which needs to
be updated continuously to account for new devices hitting the shelves).

FWIW, SCSI devices are a little bit better off but even there all is not
well.  Although the bulk identify themselves as a SCANNER, there are a
number of (Epson and HP) devices that think they are a PROCESSOR.

There has been some discussion regarding SCSI scanner on the sane-devel
mailing list in the threads below:


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