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Petrie, Glen glen.petrie at eitc.epson.com
Wed Apr 22 15:15:20 PDT 2009


So, is the follow summary correct?  Please correct if I did not capture
the mail thread discussion correctly.



Applications will send the (source) paper-size as part of the print job
(job-ticket???) and the Print Dialog will set the (destination)
paper-size that the one defined in the print job.


*       The Application can not disable the (destination) paper-size
setting in the print dialog

*       The User can change the print (destination) paper-size

o        Default action: The print content will be scaled to fit the
specified destination paper-size on a page-to-page basis.

*         In the event of complex documents, all pages will be scaled to
fit on a page-by-page basis.

o        Options: The dialog may provide optional transforms for going
from the source paper-size to the destination paper-size.

*         In the event of complex documents, all pages will be
transformed the same way on a page-by-page basis.


Question: (Always one more question) - Should a warning message be
displayed when the user is changing the source paper-size to a different
destination paper-size?



*       Although you don't normally see margin settings in print dialog;
if they are in the print dialog, I think we should use the same
guideline outlined above.


Finally, if the above guideline is ok, then does it imply that the print
dialog does not need to ask the application to re-render the preview?



I would like to discuss more about whether the Application renders the
preview or the print dialog does it.


Some considersations:

*       Actually, one reason to have the print dialog render is to the
display an accurate depiction of what will be printed versus previewing
what the application expects will be printed.

*       I believe moving rendering responsibility to the print dialog
puts the rendering in a common place and removes the burden from the

*       Removes bi-directional communication between the application and
print dialog; that is, printing is handed off operation to print dialog.

*       The print dialog may be used to open spooled print job to
provide a preview even when the application has been closed.








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