[Printing-architecture] One of our GSoC students dropped out

Lars Uebernickel larsuebernickel at gmx.de
Tue May 12 12:26:14 PDT 2009


unfortunately, one of our summer of code students - Svilen Kanev -
dropped out of the program because he doesn't have a working permit for
the United States (in which he currently resides).

He was scheduled to work on patching existing applications to use the
common printing dialog api and the features it provides (most
importantly the print preview).

Since OpenPrinting doesn't have any resources right now which it could
devote to this issue (other than the google summer of code) and no other
students have applied for this project, it will probably push the
adoption of the dialog even further back. I will _try_ to get at least
some of it done over the next weeks/ months so that we can at least test
the dialog implementations (done by the other two gsoc students) with a
real world application.

Sorry for the sad news.


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