[Printing-architecture] Minutes of Japan Meeting (29th May, 2009)

Osamu MIHARA osamu.mihara at fujixerox.co.jp
Tue Jun 9 00:52:25 PDT 2009


Here is the translation of the meeting minutes from May Meeting in Japan.

  29th May, 2009, 15:00-16:30 JST
  The Linux Foundation Office (Kioicho, Tokyo)
  Kunai (TLF), Toratani (Canon), Miyata (Canon),
  Saitou (NEC Soft), Otani (BBR), Chigusa (Richo)
  Mihara (Fuji Xerox - voice)

Summit Color Management Review & Study
Color Management

  Generally, redistribution of vendor color profiles for Windows/Mac is
  not permitted, then we cannot use it on Linux by license restriction.

A New Color Architecture for Ghostscript

  Directory for color profiles is proposed by OpenICC project.
  -> http://www.oyranos.com/wiki/index.php?title=OpenIccDirectoryProposal

  Definitions in PPD was pointed out in this ML a year before.

  (PPD Specification by Adobe)

Changes in pdftopdf and pdftoopvp (Otani)
Changes are related to Page Size.  If there is no option for fitplot,
page size is ignored and the size setting in PDF is used.  It makes
possible to print out with default page size when printing via lpr.
Also, it enables multiple page size printing within single document.

There also other bug fixes.

Otani-san asked Ubuntu to incorporate pdftoopvp to next release (9.10).
 Gimp on Ubuntu 9.04 generates PDF as printing data using Cairo library.

Steering Committee Telephone Meeting
Here is the proposal from member in Japan:

 - Telephone meeting for US/EU/Japan will be held quarterly.
 - Other than above, unscheduled meeting is possible, for example,
   preparation for printing summit.
 - Technical communication can be made via mailing list.
 - Activities in Japan will be reported as a form of meeting minutes

- Next Meeting
  25th, June 2009, 14:30(JST) - @Same place

  Osamu MIHARA // Fuji Xerox
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