[Printing-architecture] new cpd specs

peter sikking peter at mmiworks.net
Wed Jul 8 02:24:56 PDT 2009

Glen wrote:

> I have not seen the final interface.  But on the detailed view for
> "Pages to Print" is it possible to add a button for the "current"  
> page.

I trouble imagining what "current page" could be, when I think
of 10.000 different applications that we design for.

> How does the page range work in detail for a single page.  If I only
> want to print a single page; can I leave one the page range values  
> empty
> (either the to or from value) or do you have enter the same value in  
> the
> to and from fields.

all 3 ways should work, where if a field is left empty and the
keyboard focus moves to another parameter, the empty field gets
auto-completed for feedback.

> Ops, forgot - how can I print just "selected".  For example only the
> selected paragraph on a page.

now I am sure that you are talking about a word processor print option.

the print dialog is a piece of OS infrastructure that is designed to
work in 10.000 applications. About 4 of those 10.000 are word processors
that actually work wysiwyg and have a "selected paragraph on a page".

it is up to the interaction designers of these 4 word processor
applications to define what 'print selected paragraph on a page'
actually means, to design the proper UI for that (I can think of
at least 3 places in an application where that can fit, depending
on the app) and when needed, integrate that in the print dialog,
via the mechanisms we designed for that.

also see:


"There is no better way to derail a discussion about printing than
by using the example of printing a word/openOffice writer file."


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