[Printing-architecture] Questions, Concern, Disscusion on CPD

Petrie, Glen glen.petrie at eitc.epson.com
Mon Jul 13 06:25:45 PDT 2009

I am not going to argue with you; you simply missed the point.

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> >  E: Another "option" to consider for this section is an advanced
> > The key to printing a specific print-quality (actually, better
stated as
> > a specific print-intent) is to know more about the media being
> > to.   That is, for example using paper; what is brightness, the
> > the finish (rough, smooth, polished), color, etc.  From these facts,
> > printer driver can tune its color-to-ink processing and other
factors to
> > achieve the best output for the user print intent.  Typically, a
> > can easily find this information on the cover of the media being
used in
> > the printer.  Note, I have not seen this kind of processing done in
> > color-management processing software.
> You are incorrect.  This is exactly what should happen in a proper
> managed work flow and this is exactly what color management is for.
> Proper
> profiles are media (as well as device and device settings) specific.
> are
> created by measuring the media white point (you called this color) and
> brightness (these are actually the same thing) as well as the
> absolute (meaning CIE XYZ or CIE L*a*b*) colors/tones of various
> and
> combinations of inks/colorants on that media (we usually measure 1,000
> 3,000 color patches when creating a printer profile).
> The correct use of a printer ICC profile should optimize how the
> inks/colorants are put down on the paper to match the paper white
point to
> the
> grays/blacks created by the inks/colorants (I have assumed relative
> colorimentric intent) as well as to optimize the gamut/dynamic range
> the
> resulting prints without over inking.
> I am not sure if I have ever seen a paper package that had the media
> point listed at least not in a form that would have colorimetric
> Although these may exist I have NEVER seen a printer driver that had
> ability to accept this data (paper white point) as user input other
> by
> using an ICC profile.  I just looked at the box and the product sheet
> the
> box of the Ilford paper that I use and it did NOT list the paper white
> point
> or brightness of the paper.  If it did I would expect to find
> like:
> White point: XYZ: 84.550000 88.240000 74.960000, D50 Lab: 95.261904 -
> 0.999796
> -1.888369
> (The above is the measured white point of a sample of Ilford Galerie
> Smooth
> Gloss paper - note the first Lab value is also the "brightness" -
> Luminosity - of the paper).
> Isn't the media type setting what is used to denote the general
> characteristics of the media such as finish and weight....
> Hal
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