[Printing-architecture] Updated PPD extensions

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at gmail.com
Wed Jul 15 11:58:10 PDT 2009


to fulfill the needs of Peter's last dialog UI design, there is a field 
in the dialog now for short descriptions of the quick presets. To allow 
individual, user-friendy help texts there (and not simply list the 
options which get set by the quick preset) I have added the new

*APPrinterPresetDescription <choice>: "<description>"

keyword and translations for it. I also added fallback rules for filling 
the description field when the new keyword is not used or when the 
presets come from a fallback (like the PrintoutMode option in Foomatic 

For multi-function printers I have added the new widget hint 
"faxnumber", so that one can tell that a string option represents a fax 
number and so one can add a button to the string input field which opens 
the user's address book.

See all the changes in


Click "History" at the bottom to visualize only the changes.

Please take these new extensions into account for the dialog.


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