[Printing-architecture] digesting et cetera...

peter sikking peter at mmiworks.net
Mon Jul 20 10:45:22 PDT 2009

hey guys,

I have taken the time (now that the heat is gone) to look at the
communication of the last two weeks on this list.

first of all I must commend my colleague Kate for the patience and
tact with which she answered the thread here in my absence.
The patience and tact really being beyond the call of duty when
compared to the general tone of the debate.

second I have decided to implement a new method so that all this
debate is not in vain. I have introduced an input page:


where we filter out what is useful to our design and specification
work from all kinds of communication channels. we will pick off
these points one by one when we get to work on the pertaining section.

this way the person who gives input can see that it goes into the
process and we have one single persistent place where the useful
is digested and combined.

to start, I have filtered the last two weeks here and you can see
the results on the page. I think it really shows the value for us,
in that in what was buried between a lot of writing about technical
standards (JTAPI, anyone?) I have fished out what we can use
our interaction design work.

from now on you can expect the feedback after a long-winding
mail thread that I have updated our input page with some
useful info found in the thread.


         founder + principal interaction architect
             man + machine interface works

         http://mmiworks.net/blog : on interaction architecture

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