[Printing-architecture] Clarifications about the Presets

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at gmail.com
Mon Jul 27 12:14:51 PDT 2009


I had a phone call with Peter Sikking and asked him about tyhe exact 
behavior of the presets. They should work as follows:

If the user chooses a preset, all options are set to CUPS system 
defaults and the options defined by the preset in the PPD are set as 
defined in the preset. The dialog has to add a preset with the menu 
entry "Default Settings" which sets everything to the CUPS system 
defaults. This preset gets pre-selected when the dialog comes up for the 
first time.

This preset would be equivalent to

*APPrinterPreset Default/Default Settings: ""

in the PPD file (not defining any option settings, we only set the 
options to the CUPS defaults). So the "Default Settings" preset should 
only get added if there is no preset with empty option list. This way a 
manufacturer could customize the UI string by adding this to the PPD:

*APPrinterPreset CanonDefaults/Canon's Defaults: ""

If a user changes options on the right hand side of the level 3 dialog, 
the Preset Zone should change its layout from

Presets:  |Web page                      |v|



Current Settings:  Save...       |Presets|v|
                    -------       +-------+-+


In the first case, the drop-down menu contains "Default Settings" as 
first item (if there is no empty preset in the PPD) and all presets 
defined in the PPD (or defined by a fallback if the PPD has no presets).

In the second case the drop-down contains "Presets" as the first entry 
and this is pre-selected. The following entries are the same as in the 
first case. The "Save ..." link allows to save the current settings. 
Saved settings are added as new presets to the presets drop-down.

In the second case selecting a Preset leads to the Preset Zone returning 
to the first case.

Note that with a preset selected no "Save..." is needed, as the Preset 
puts all options to well-defined values and one can always return to 
this state by selecting the preset.

If the user selects a preset which he has defined (saved settings), I 
would suggest that then a little icon to delete this preset appears (a 
trash can or so). preferably in the preset zone. Peter, what do you suggest?

I think with this you should be able to implement the preset handling 
already (Peter will put up this info in his specs later, but you can 
already start with the implementation).


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