[Printing-architecture] [Printing-japan] OpenPrinting Japan Sep. 2009 meeting minutes

Osamu MIHARA osamu.mihara at fujixerox.co.jp
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Here is the translation of the minutes of last meeting in Japan.
I'd like to thank Sekine-san to provide Till's part quickly, also please
forgive me that using Sekine-san's in this translation without permission.

2009-9-29 14:30-16:30 (JST) @ The Linux Foundation Japan

Kunai(TLF), Olaf(Avasys), Otani(BBR), Kanjo (BBR), Chigusa (Ricoh),
Toratani (Canon), Mihara (Fuji Xerox), Miyata (Canon), Saito (NEC Soft)

- Action Items Follow Up
- Feedback from SC Meeting (US/EU/Japan)
- Driver workshop proposed by Till
- Approval of Vector Driver Spec 1.0

<Action Items Follow Up>

- Feedback CPD discussion in Japan to SC Meeting (Toratani)
 -> Done

 -> Confirmed that CPD source code uploaded on the bzr is latest one.

 -> Does GSoC work contain implementation of CPD to any application?
    No. No human resource at this time.
    If do it, it should start with GNOME version.
    Application calls CPD via DBUS.

 -> How n-ups are implemented?
    Imitates the implementation by CUPS filter (pstops/pdftopdf).
    Preview and print result should be same, if it accord with the
    process in CUPS filter.  But if n-up is performed by the printer
    (hardware n-up), they can be different.

 -> Will CPD be updated to accord with current specification?
    Not confirmed.

 -> Is There any interface to inform application name to CPD?
    Not confirmed

- Confirm the status of Vector Driver Spec 1.0 Approval to
  Shida-san. (Toratani)
  -> There is no sign that documents are created.
  -> Ira will confirm the current status.

<Feedback from SC Meeting (US/EU/Japan)>

- 3-day tutorial
- Till’s personal proposal to arrange a meeting to explain driver
   design, packaging method, and CPD tutorial
- Next SC meeting will be on 1st of December (tue)
  -> Toratani cannot attend.
  -> Ask rescheduling of the meeting to other date.

<Driver related seminar proposed by Till>

- Confirm Till’s email
- It is not easy with the same schedule as Japan Symposium. Synergy
   between them is limted
- How many attendees can be expected? Could be 10
- Isn’t it enough as a tutorial seminar? We need some promotion
- Driver design talk sounds interesting
- As PPD design for CPD, it is desired to be able to use CPD from AP
- Is there any person who is interested in except printer manufactures?
   o AP?
   o There isn’t any person who develops AP in the country?
- Collaboration summit should be suitable? There won’t be attendees from
- Is it necessary to arrange the tutorial even with gathering attendees?
   Does OpenPrinting Wiki have most information already?
- What is different from the Wiki? It could be necessary to hear
   directly because there are many information that are not easy for many
   people to be understood easily?
- It could be practical if we provide an hands-on seminar such as
   programming a sample. -> Training could be better than tutorial
- Tutorial is not necessary if it provides same information as the Wiki


- There are a few (2-3) companies that are interested in it if it
   provides training
- It is good to wait till CPD becomes to be used from AP
- We should not combine with Japan Symposium because of different

<Vector Driver spec 1.0 Approval>
- Waiting for info from Iran.

- License Change of Adobe CMap. Now it has BSD-like license.
- CUPS 1.4.1 released
- LSB 4.0 seems to be formally released without official announcement.

<Action Items>
- Ask rescheduling of SC meeting in Dec. (Toratani)
- Check announcement of LSB 4.0 (Kunai)

 2009-10-29 (Thu) 14:30 @ The Linux Foundation
  Osamu MIHARA / Fuji Xerox

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