[Printing-architecture] Common Printing Dialog: Print to (PDF) file

Per Hermansson hermansson.per at bredband.net
Thu Oct 8 13:06:11 PDT 2009

Hal V. Engel wrote:
>> we should implement such a "Print to File" queue also in the
>> Common Printing dialog, so that we get it quickly into the distros
>> without having a regression due to this feature missing.
>> For the implementation note that the current dialogs do not send the job
>> into a CUPS queue for "Print to File" (we do not use facilities like the
>> cups-pdf package). "Print to File" opens a "Save as ..." dialog when
>> clicking on "Print" in the printing dialog  Then the user chooses where
>> to put his file. 
> In GTK yes but the Qt4 print dialogs do not open a separate "Save as.." dialog 
> since the regular print dialog has an "Output file:" widget that is activated 
> when when of the print to file queues is selected and there is no need for a 
> separate "Save as.." dialog.  The "Print" button will cause the file to be 
> created/saved.  This seems a little cleaner to me than having a separate "Save 
> as.." dialog.
This makes a good motivation for migrating to the real "Print to file" 
dialog when designed.
The CPD isn't designed for exporting to files so the current approach 
offers a good trade off.
If we make the current implementation too good no one will want to 
switch when the new dialog is released :-)


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