[Printing-architecture] [Printing-japan] OpenPrinting Japan Oct. 2009 meeting minutes

Osamu MIHARA osamu.mihara at fujixerox.co.jp
Tue Nov 17 17:05:56 PST 2009

Hi all,

I'm sorry to post the translation of last meeting in Japan.  Here it is.

October 29, 2009 14:30-16:00 at The Linux Foundation Japan, Tokyo

Kunai (TLF), Olaf (Avasys), Otani (BBR), Kanjo (BBR), Chigusa (Ricoh),
Mihara (Fuji Xerox), Miyara (Canon), Ishizaka (NEC Soft), Saitou (NEC Soft)

- Action Items Follow-up
- Telecon (US/EU) Review
- Printer Driver Seminor (Till's Proposal)

<Action Items Follow-up>
- Re-arrange schedule for next plenary SC meeting (US/EU/JP) : Toratani
  -> On going

- Translation of meeting minutes : Mihara
  -> Done

- Confirm LSB 4.0 release announcement : Kunai
  -> LSB 4.0 has been released WITHOUT any formal announcement.
  -> Currently they are working for the next release (LSB 4.1).

<Telecon (US/EU) Review>
- (review meeting minutes)
- Internationalization is needed for OpenPrinting Web Site and download site
  -> Who will work for this?

<Printer Driver Seminar (Till's Proposal)>
- Posting from Till for the previous meeting minutes is reviewed.
  -> "Training" is preferable compared with "Lecture."
  -> Explanation of CPD does not necessarily need an application which
supports CPD.
- A question arised from Kunai: Do any printer vendor currently consider
to provide printer drivers supports CPD?  Do they needs any training for
   -> Printer vendors thinks it's too early to incorporate CPD in their
drivers.  It is because the spec is not fixed yet, then it doesn't show
definite merits yet.
   -> Main topic will be Printer Driver.  CPD part will be just a
- Timing/Schedule: Japan Linux Symposium in next fall (2010) will be
good timing for the seminar.
- We'd like the developers of applications and GUI tool kits to come to
the seminar.

<Other Topics>
- A problem in OpenOffice.org
  - An embedded Japanese character is not printed in Ubuntu (PDF print
  - There are several factors which causes the problem:


   - OOo generates a PS file which has a problem in font embedding.
     -> The PS contains a problem in font embedding.  But it can be
printed correctly by Genuine Adobe PS printers.
     -> The PS file is converted to PDF by gs.  At this time, the font
embedding information cannot be handled properly.
     -> Then, the PDF is rendered by gs, resulting character lost.

   - One character for one Japanese embedded font will not be printed in
Ubuntu environment.
   - It's not easy to fix if it is done in the printing subsystem.
   - In the PDF print workflow, an application is better to submit print
job in PDF format.  In addition, when considering there will still be PS
workflow exists, it is better to provide a method to know printing cost
depending on the format (PS or PDF).
   - How we promote OOo to fix this problem?
     -> Watch!
<Action Items>
  - Re-arrange the plenary SC in December (Toratani)
  - Check OOo problem file with PS printers ---> Done.
  - Prepare Proposals for the activity in the next year. (All)
  - Translation of the Meeting Minutes (Mihara) - I'm doing this now!

  - December 10, 2009, same time, same place.

-- Osamu MIHARA // Fuji Xerox

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