[Printing-architecture] Common Print Dialog updates

Lars Uebernickel larsuebernickel at gmx.de
Wed Dec 9 05:21:34 PST 2009

Hi everyone,

attached is a screenshot of the current progress of the KDE version of
the common printing dialog. (Excuse the odd-looking title bar, I'm
running it on Gnome but with KDE's default theme)

  * use designer to lay out most of the form
  * the preview is rendered at the right resolution, getting rid of the
artifacts from before
  * added the blue (actual color depends on theme) frame around the
preset and preview area
  * margins / paddings should be mostly correct for this view (level 2)

Due to some restructuring, there are also some regressions:
  * the options panel (details) can't be opened for now
  * the buttons to navigate the preview aren't shown

The openusability spec [1] by Kate and Peter is *great* to develop
against.  The implementation should be a lot closer to it now (well,
level 2) -- at least I hope so, let's see what the experts say ;)

If you want to have a look for yourselves, get it at:


Feedback is very welcome!


P.S.: the print preview on the screenshot shows tickets for a show in
Dublin I'm going to this weekend -- so I probably won't answer mails
till next Wednesday.

[1] http://wiki.openusability.org/printing/index.php/Specification
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