[Printing-architecture] OpenPrinting Japan Dec. 2009 meeting minutes [Translation]

Osamu MIHARA osamu.mihara at fujixerox.co.jp
Wed Dec 16 21:48:30 PST 2009

 * Time/Place
Dec. 10, 2009 14:30-17:00 JST
@ Meeting room / The Linux Foundation Japan

 * Attendee
Kunai (TLF), Shida (Canon), Toratani (Canon), Chigusa (Ricoh), Yamagishi
(Turbolinux), Olaf (Avasys), Saitou (NEC Soft), Miyata (Canon), Mihara
(Fuji Xerox), Otani (BBR), Kanjo (BBR)

 * Discussions

/*** Action Items Follow-up ***/
- Re-scheduling of SC Plenary Meeting in Dec. - DONE.
- Test the OOo problem (Japanese characters missing) with Genuine
PostScript Printer - See the discussion below.
- Prepare proposals for OPJ activities in 2010 - See the discussion below

/*** i18n/l10n of Linux Foundation/OpenPrinting Web Site ***/

- The web site already supports i18n (mechanism to switch language).
- It may be required to provide localized (Japanese) contents.
  -> We should start with study to localize contents in priority order.
        i.e. Top Page should be translated first. etc.etc
- There are many access to printer driver download.  Some vendors links
to the download page from their sites.
  -> Download page for such printers may need to be translated first.
    -> Vendors cannot decide which page should be translated first, if
it is a community driver.
  -> Does the driver download page have a mechanism to switch language?
     -> foomatic db has it.  CMS has it.  ... but are they linked?
        (Japanese web page requests foomatic db for japanese contents?)
  - In the future when vendor upload their printer driver, overall study
should be needed.

  -> At this time, we start to study Japanese translation of following
pages.  (timing - LF web site renewal?)


/*** Till-san's Printer Driver Seminar ***/

March seems to be too early.  To attract many audience, it is
recommended to hold tying up with other event such as Japan Linux
Symposium in Fall with announce of CPD achievements.

/*** CPD ***/

CPD is updated. --- need to check.

/*** SC Meeting Report ***/
- Reported via meeting minutes (Toratani)

- Topic for vector driver spec approval is missing...

/*** OOo Problem ***/
- Japanese (or other multibyte language) characters may not be printed.

- OOo is fixed (PS output is corrected).

- We may need promote PDF print workflow to OOo community)

/*** Proposals for 2010 activities ***/
- Implementation of Job Ticket API (JTAPI)

- Capability
  -> Currently static PPD based capability is supported.
  -> Dynamic update by communication with device.

- Job Attribute
  -> This should be supported via CPD.

- PDF Print Workflow
  -> This should be supported via CPD, too.

- Approval of Vector Printer Driver API

- OpenPrinting.org
  i10n (Japanese contents)

  Promotion to major applications
  OOo, FireFox/Thunderbird, Evolution, ...

 * Action Items by next meeting
- Evaluation for updated CPD.

- Job Ticket case study
  Application or samples of utilization of page oriented attribution.
  Currently PostScript print workflow can support it, but PDF one cannot.

 * Next

Jan. 28, 2010 (Thu) 14:30 - JST
The Linux Foundatikon Japan

  Osamu MIHARA // Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

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