[Printing-architecture] Qt only CPD.

Hal V. Engel hvengel at gmail.com
Sat Feb 26 08:16:00 PST 2011

On Saturday, February 26, 2011 05:02:47 AM Till Kamppeter wrote:
> Great news. Please commit it to the BZR. You can already commit the
> changes on the core CPD. And after you finished the test app, commit
> these changes, too.
>     Till

Till & Lars,

I already have the test app using Qt calls only at this point since it only 
took about 1/2 hour to do.  Since I have not used BZR before I will spend some 
time getting a handle on what I need to do and then commit the changes after 
doing a little clean up on the code.  I will also see what I can do to clean 
up the build over the next day or two and then commit those changes.

Is there a todo document/list some place that covers what work is needed for 
the Qt CPD?  Or is this something that we need to work out as things are 
getting underway?    


> On 02/26/2011 05:00 AM, Hal V. Engel wrote:
> > Till expressed some concerns about how much effort it would take to
> > convert the KDE CPD to a pure Qt app. Just to let eveyone know I have
> > now removed all KDE calls from the core CPD code and I have a working Qt
> > only CPD on my system.
> > 
> > 
> > There is still some stuff that needs to be done. The view-dialog test
> > app code still has some KDE widgets (KCmdLineArgs and KAboutData) that I
> > will remove tomorrow and the build will need to have kde references
> > removed. I will need to clean everything up as well but it actaully took
> > less effort than I had thought to remove the KDE specific widgets from
> > the CPD core code.
> > 
> > 
> > Hal
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