[Printing-architecture] [Printing-japan] OpenPrintig Japan November 2011 Mar Meeting Minutes

Osamu MIHARA osamu.mihara at fujixerox.co.jp
Tue Mar 8 01:24:34 PST 2011

*** Meeting Minutes ***

OpenPrinting Japan
3/3/2011 15:00-17:00 at Linux Foundation Japan Office

Attendees: Miyata (Canon), Toratani (Canon), Ishizaka (NEC Soft),
Nishihara (Ricoh), Chigusa (Ricoh), Hanamura (Avasys), Otani (BBR),
Mihara (Fuji Xerox)

o Action Item follow-up

- Report review result of Vector Spec to the architecture ML (Mihara)
  --> Not yet done

- Confirm George Liu about detail of "New bugs in printing
infrastructure chain" (Chigusa)

  * He will summarize the vendor-dependent problems in print subsystems
    which he have handled.
  * He would like to propose the development of test suite, based on
    the above result.

o SC Meeting Review (US/EU/JP)
(1) Summit Topics
  - (See "PDF Work Flow" part below.)
(2) CPD
  - no more funds at this time.
  - releases D-BUS interface part only?
(3) GSoC Ideas
(4) PWS Summary

Next meeting - April 12th (Tue) 4:00 JST
--> OPJ is arranging to hold next OPJ meeting on this day to enable join
the SC meeting.  At this time, not problem on the schedule.

  LinuxCon Japan (June)
They are planning give a Debian Desktop Session and making offer OPJ to
make some sub session on printing.

  --> At this time, we have no idea (no new news to make a presentation)

 PDF Work Flow
It seems that PDF Work Flow has been committed and worked fine on Ubuntu
and Debian.
OPJ would like to propose Till-san to have a session during the Summit
to report the current status of pdf work flow and promote PDF Work flow
to other distos (such as Fedora, OpenSUSE).
It may need to commit the filters into CUPS trunk.

 OPFC Web Site (gdevopvp site)
Contents are obsoleted as the gdevopvp has been already incorporated
into GS.

--> Keep contents but may need to say "OBSOLTED"
--> Toratani-san will work on this.

Action Items
Report review result of Vector Spec (mihara)
Update OPFC Site (Toratani)

-- Osamu Mihara // Fuji Xerox

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