[Printing-architecture] Google Summer of Code 2011 - Nice project, who wants to mentor it?

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at gmail.com
Thu Mar 31 13:14:28 PDT 2011


the following application with a project idea from a student has 
arrived. I would much like that this project will get turned reality. It 
is not one of our work which needs to be done urgently, but it is also 
something useful. And the student needs it for his department, so 
another motivation which counts in.

So I want to ask all of you, who would like to step up as a mentor for 
this project?


P.S.: Please register as mentor for the Linux Foundation on 
http://www.google-melange.com/ if you want to participate in the 
selection process or if you want to actually mentor.


Ticketed Print Monitoring System

Samantha Christoff

Email: firebirdy4 at gmail dot com

Mentor: No mentor assigned

Possible mentors: ???

Short description: Implement a monitored print server in CUPS to allow 
graduate students and faculty to print to a network of laser printers 
with a ticketed system hooked up to a monitor server with a front end 
GUI available on all platforms. This is in order to set printing limits 
and to meet budget constraints on toner and paper.
Google Summer of Code Application

Name: Samantha Christoff

University: Arizona State University, dual majoring in Physics and 
Philosophy, currently a Sophomore

Short Biography:I am a twenty year old pink haired motivated programmer, 
physicist, philosopher, pop star, with a lot of problems to solve and a 
lot of math to do it with. I freelance in most of my work and have 
experience with platforms up and down the board, recently, C++, Grails, 
and jQuery. I’m a list oriented person who is a bit messy when it comes 
to keeping office space. You can say I’m a Highly motivated, workaholic 
with a passion for coffeecake, open source, differential equations and 

IRC Nickname: FinalPhoenix


             1. MacBook Pro 2011 Core i7 8gbs RAM 500gb HDD running 
MacOSX/Windows  7

2. iMac 24” Summer 2009 8gb RAM  320GB HDD running Ubuntu 10.10/Arch

Pertinent Languages: C, C++, PHP, CSS, HTML5, jQuery

Relevant Experience: I code in C and C++ for various academic programs 
for Physicists and Psychologists, modeling electron microscopy and 
emergent systems. I use CSS, PHP, HTML5, and jQuery every day for 
various web design and development work.

Involvement in the Open Source Community: This will be my first major 
Open Source Project, I have been a freeloader in the past and would like 
to correct that.

Development Idea and Implementation: The idea came from my actual day 
job. I manage servers and labs at Arizona State University at Coor Hall 
in the Geography and Urban Planning Department. Due to state budget cuts 
we have been forced to rely more and more on open source software, 
however those budget cuts have also affected how much paper and ink we 
can buy. These budget cuts are felt by most of the faculty, however, the 
grad students are largely unaware. Our graduate students are good people 
from all over the world, but they love printing. They love printing so 
much that they’re bleeding us dry. Often the graduate students will 
print entire textbooks on laser printers, ten or so copies of 200 page 
theses, etc. This has become a very big problem and I am supposed to 
solve it. If I can create a ticketed, monitored print system with user 
accounts. I can stop these ink-hungry graduate students and perhaps save 
the day, and the department from further measures like taking on less 
graduate students, or even worse, cutting the IT budget.

Expected Achievement:  Create a ticketed, monitored linux print server 
with a web user interface for both administrators and users on all 

Why I am suited for this project: I have been involved in the Linux 
community for five years, and a member of the Linux Users Group at ASU 
for two. I would like to finally make Linux print servers viable for 
large organizations and make Linux a friendly way to go in the office. I 
am well versed in coding in the specific languages needed and C/C++ were 
part of the first languages I learned six years ago. I have to solve 
this problem, and I would like the support of the Open Source Community 
to not only save my department from further measures, but to help other 
people in similar situations.

Invested Time: I will be contributing 40 hours a week or more to this 
problem as it is urgent to the success of my department. Not only is my 
day job allowing me to do this, but I will be most likely doing the real 
extensive testing at home in my own environment.

Rough Schedule of Project Subtasks:

First two weeks – Planning and Research into the CUPS platform and 
similar closed source ticketing systems

Seven Weeks – Developing and Implementing a ticket based system to be 
interpreted by job (i.e. File Name, Size, Number of Pages, When it was 
printed, from what IP) and sent to a monitoring server where each job is 
recorded. These jobs will be sent to a database.

Six Weeks – Developing a user database to match up to ticketing system 
in order to set print limits on users, know which user printed what and 
how many, etc.

Three Weeks – Developing and Designing a front and back end GUI 
accessible through the web available on all platforms (Mac/PC/Linux)  in 
order to install print drivers, see jobs, progress towards page limit, 
and a back end for administration use, such as a print out of the 
requested jobs for each printer, who is at their print limit, how many 
pages are going through each printer, etc.

Two weeks – Debugging, Testing, Implementing.

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