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I want to start a dialog on the CPD and it interactions (or
dependencies) with other print system components.


My first question is how to model the CPD in the systems.


What are the other print components to consider:

A.	The Print Manager (think CUPS)

	a.	Can be a very, very thin manager for mobile devices

B.	The Printer Manager (this there really such a thing today).

	a.	Again, can be a very, very thin manager for mobile

C.	The printers
D.	The printer capability data base (think Foomatic)
E.	(The User!!!!)


1.	Should the CPD (an instance) be a direct connection between the
user and an App/Desktop/OS.
2.	Should the CPD directly connect to applications and then, the
applications to a Print Manager.
3.	Should the App/Desktop/OS have a direct connection to a "Print
Manager", the "Print Manager" directly connect to the CPD and the CPD
connects to the user.


I believe (please correct me if wrong) that (2) is the current model or
approach for the CPD.


I am in favor of (3).

1.	Do we want the CPD to know if a printer is on/off line

	a.	Status in general, out-of-ink, out-of-paper, busy

Interesting idea of showing print load in the print dialog; that is, if
a job is submitted, how long will it take to get printed.

2.	Do we want the CPD to know how to get capabilities data 

	a.	Don't think vendors will modify (all) PPD to support
	b.	Is it a vendor specific module
	c.	Is it IPP
	d.	Is it foomatics
	e.	Is it a vendor web service/site

3.	Can a lot of responsibility be pushed to the Print Manager

	a.	One big item is internationalization.

With the goal of "common", it is expected that the print dialog strings
will be well defined and, thus, internationalization could be managed in
one place.  No reason the CPD could not do it, but the print manager may
need the same information.

4.	What if the CPD is a web service (think cloud); it would be
easier to have the Print Manager worry about connectivity to the CPD

	a.	What if the Print manager is a web service (think cloud)

5.	In this model, the Print Manager can customize the CPD according
to the User's Rights (color/no-color, doc length < 50/ doc length > 50,

	a.	If the user (via the CPD) never sees an option they have
no rights for; then it is easier to control.

6.	Are some printers only available at curtain times?

	a.	Again, the Print Manager can only enumerate the printers
that are available at the time.

7.	And other reason I have not enumerated here.



I made a couple of slide depicting the three models above.   See 






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