[Printing-architecture] Meeting Minutes - OpenPrinting Japan Mar. 2011 meeting

Osamu MIHARA osamu.mihara at fujixerox.co.jp
Mon May 23 00:35:02 PDT 2011

I'm sorry to forget the minutes for the last meeting in Japan.

Meeting Minutes - OpenPrintig Japan Meeting in March 2011
March 3rd, 2011 15:00-17:00 @ Fuji Xerox Yokohama Minatomirai Office

Attendee - Miyata (Canon), Ishizaka (NEC Soft), Nishihara, Chigusa (Ricoh)
Otani, Kanjo (BBR), Mihara (Fuji Xerox)

1. Action Item Follow-ups

- Oost result of vector spec confirmation (mihara) - not yet
- Update OPFC Web site (toratani) - not yet

2. Topics

(1) Glue Code for Ghostscript (Otani)

- Glue code crashes in color management processing for Ghostscript 9.x.
- Performance degradation with complicated paths

=> Otani-san had sent patches for both problems to Till-san.  It should
be applied from version 9.03.
   The fix is already committed to gdevopvp.
   A package for Ubuntu 10.04 with the fix for performance degradation
can be download from opfc site.

(2) PDF filter

We'd like to commit it to CUPS Trunk!

- Apple says it needs contributor agreement.
- Not only BBR, but also AXE, Poppler maintainer and XPDF authors are
license holders.
- BBR : Kanjo-san and Otani-san
  AXE - Mihara will contact
  Popper maintainer and XPDF authors - need confirm with Mike (at least
Otani-san needs to confirm if Mike contact them)

---- Japanese -----
■GhostcriptのGlue Codeの件(大谷さん)
・gs 9.x で動かないことがある(カラーマネージメント関連で落ちる)
→ 双方の修正コードを Till に送付ずみ、gs 9.03 から適用されているハズ。
 複雑なパス対応は Ubuntu 10.04 用のpackageをopfcにサイトに掲載した。

CUPS Trunk に入れたい。
→ Apple曰く、Contributor Agreementへのサインが必要。
→ ライセンスはBBRだけじゃない。(AXE、Popplerメンテナー、XPDF)
→ BBRは貫定さん、大谷さん
 AXEはOpenPrinting Japan(三原)からコンタクト

  Osamu MIHARA // Fuji Xerox

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