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Using the Binary Printer Capability (for Mobile) data I discussed in my
last email; we now have a fixed list of attributes and values that any
mobile print dialog, solution and system can support.  A mobile print
dialog, solution and system does not need to support the entire list of
attributes and values but at least there is a finite and fixed list.


*	With a fixed list of attributes and values it is now possible .
. . 

	*	. . . to set the values for predefined print modes.
	*	. . . to define the set of attribute and value
constraints (duplex with transparencies).
	*	. . . to search for printer with a required (needed)
print capability.
	*	. . . to write very "tight code" to minimize the print
solution code footprint.
	*	. . . to guarantee federation interoperability without
the need for "interpretation".
	*	. . . for end users to have a uniform and consistent
print experience. 


Does the fixed list of attributes and values meet most (almost all,
majority, the 90%, ...) end-user's needs and print intents?

-          I believe this to be true.


Can any "not supported" print intent be done as a best effort?

-          I believe this is NOT true.  

o       The "not supported" print intents are likely to be unique or
corner-case print intents and are outside the scope of mobile print.

o       This does not mean an end-user, with/using an existing
job-ticket (like JDF), can not submit a unique print intent print job.
It does mean the print dialog, solution and system of the mobile device
does not provide a mechanism for it.

o       End-user can use to the mobile print dialog, solution and system
to print the "content" of "not supported" print intents but the print
out will not be in the final (intended) format.


Next Steps

-          Identify the remaining job ticket attributes and values not
associated with printer capabilities (number of copies, etc)

-          Define (based on existing work) the print dialog terms for
each of the print attributes and values.

o       These terms can be different than code attribute and value
names; that is, they may use more common terminology.

-          Define a collection of predefined print modes.

o       Identify the associated (affected) attributes and values for
each predefined print mode

-          Identify the set of print attribute and value constraints 










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