[Printing-architecture] Daniel's Progress Report

Daniel Dressler danieru.dressler at gmail.com
Wed Jul 13 18:11:10 UTC 2011

Sorry for subjecting you guys to my audio cutting out during the conference

What I wanted to report was that my perl code is functionality complete to
the C programs. With a few, minor, Till approved exceptions. Presently I am
working on replacing DB.pm's (The primary library of foomatic-db-engine) use
of the C programs with the Perl library. Once that is done I will be writing
another library that allows the importation of foomatic's data into the a
SQL database. Right now openprinting uses a set of php scripts to import the
database into the mysql database used by the website. This new perl library
will alllow us to import into an arbitrary sql database, targeting sqlite
and mysql in its first iteration. This will allow foomatic-db-engine to use
sqlite as a fully functional backend.

Overall I am ahead of schedule which will allow me time to do some
miscellaneous work after the sql import library. One thing I am looking
forward to is making the human readable names of options consistent,
presently many similar options use slightly varying human readable names.
Consistensy in this area will allow us to take better advantage of
downstream's translation efforts. The desktop enviroments have considerable
translation volunter base and while Foomatic-db-engine does support
muli-language, none of our xml's take advantage of this.

Finally I would like to report on Japan mailing list's efforts to organise a
meeting. They had tentatively planned for the 13th japan time(yesterday) but
were not able to secure the Linux Foundation room to meet in, they are now
attempting to organise sometime early august. Miyata has said that he will
contact us when they are ready to arrange an international call.

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