[Printing-architecture] "cups-filters" package started its upstream life

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at gmail.com
Sun Dec 4 22:01:18 UTC 2011


all CUPS filters not relevant for Mac OS X are discontinued in the CUPS 
core project at Apple:


and overtaken by OpenPrinting:


With these filters I have joined the filters written for the PDF 
printing workflow


to have one upstream location for all CUPS filters needed for using CUPS 
with Linux (and any other non-Mac-OS-X operating system).

This package will be required for use of CUPS 1.6.x or later. For CUPS 
1.5.x and older it is optional and highly recommended to use a PDF-based 
printing workflow (for 1.5.x or older of all filters provided by both 
CUPS and cups-filters the version of cups-filters should be used).

The development of cups-filters is tracked via BZR on


Bugs and feature requests are tracked on 
https://bugs.linuxfoundation.org/, product OpenPrinting, component 


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