[Printing-architecture] Setting up a local copy of the OpenPrinting database

Anton Kirilenko anton.kirilenko.rosa at gmail.com
Wed May 8 15:35:22 UTC 2013

Hi all,

Before my question, let me introduce myself a little - my name is Anton 
Kirilenko, I am currently a student of Moscow Institute of Physics and 
Technology and I have applied for a GSoC 2013 OpenPrinting project 
devoted to Open Printing web site improvements ("web application for 
printer and driver administration").

While selection of the GSoC projects is ongoing, I would like to get 
familiar with the web site code (and hope that my proposal will be 
accepted, but even if it is not - I think such an experience will be 
useful for me).

I've got the current site code from bazaar 
but for proper functionality I need a local copy of the database.

I can definitely see SQL scripts in the "maint/scripts" folder that can 
create the database itself (I guess), but I also need the data. It looks 
like scripts from that folder can be also used to populate the db using 
some data, but are there any instructions how to use them? Or maybe it 
is possible to just get a mysql dump of the database from somewhere and 
use it locally for my purposes?

(I am a newbie in OpenPrinting projects, so sorry if my questions are a 
little stupid - feel free to point me to any documentation if it exists 
but I've failed to find it).


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