[Printing-architecture] Common Mobile Print Client software

Petrie, Glen glen.petrie at eitc.epson.com
Tue May 21 15:59:00 UTC 2013



As we discussed at the recent PWG/OpenPrint Summit, I am posting the
software I developed for the Common Mobile Print Clint (CMPC) based on
the slides I provided at last year's summit meeting.  As I informed you,
the software provides only a skeleton of the GUI and is based on JTAPI
objects, elements and values.   I would suggest converting JTAPI
objects, elements and values to the PWG/PJT objects, elements and
values.    I hope to post the PWG/PJT content as C-code very soon.
Also based on the slides from last year, I developed a skeleton for the
Common Mobile Print Preview; which I will try to publish. 


See content at




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