[Printing-architecture] Handling multiple files of varying formats in CUPS

Tim Waugh twaugh at redhat.com
Tue Aug 6 12:20:38 UTC 2013

Multiple files handling seems a little broken in CUPS 1.6.3 when more
than one format is involved.

The scenario I'm looking at is this sort of thing:

lp -dtheprinter postscript.ps text.txt

(any two supported formats will show the issue)

where theprinter is a remote IPP queue. I'm testing with remote CUPS

What happens is that the Send-Document request fails altogether:

D [06/Aug/2013:11:13:39 +0100] Send-Document client-error-bad-request:
Missing last-document attribute in request.
E [06/Aug/2013:11:13:39 +0100] Returning IPP client-error-bad-request
for Send-Document (ipp:// from

This is because the client, the ipp backend, only sets the last-document
attribute for the last file -- but the scheduler requires it for each
Send-Document request.

Attached is a patch to fix that.

However, even with that patch there is another problem. The files are
auto-typed correctly but the ipp backend sends:

Create-Document document-format=application/postscript
Send-Document document-format=application/postscript
Send-Document document-format=application/postscript (WRONG!)

In other words, CUPS sets the document-format attribute of every file in
a multi-file job to the format it detected for the first file.

I don't think the ipp backend has access to the auto-typed formats for
subsequent files (just the CONTENT_TYPE variable, which is set to that
of the first file).

One possible solution is to simply use application/octet-stream and let
the remote queue do its own auto-typing. I'm not sure what possible
downsides this might have.

How should this be handled?


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