[Printing-architecture] windows, samba, cups, color and BW

Alex Korobkin korobkin+op at gmail.com
Thu Sep 19 18:10:55 UTC 2013

Hi Christian,

I have the same setup, but I didn't notice this problem before.
You see, radio buttons on the "Paper / Quality" tab simply tell Windows
apps to render print jobs in color or b&w. At the same time, "Color mode"
within the Advanced page actually inserts a PostScript command into the job
that tells Ricoh printer to print in color or in b&w mode, regardless of
the contents of the job.

I think it is a bug in Adobe Reader: it doesn't honor color/b&w radio
buttons in the printer settings at all. However, if you look under
Properties button of the Print dialog in Reader, there is a "Print in
grayscale" checkbox. You can tell your users to use that one instead of
going all the way to Advanced options.

2013/9/18 Christian <chanlists at googlemail.com>

> Dear list,
> I have CUPS 1.5.3 running under Debian wheezy. I use Samba, cupsaddsmb
> and the Microsoft windows postscript printer driver for windows (7)
> clients. I have a printer (RICOH Aficio MP C3502, could post PPD) which
> is a rather big network multifunction device. From linux, everything
> works fine. For windows, printing via samba, I have set up a special raw
> queue in CUPS using appropriate Filter definitions in the PPD, and from
> the logs, I can confirm that no filtering of the postscript is being
> done on the linux side. From windows clients, using e. g. MSWORD, all of
> the printer options (staple, B+W vs. color, ...) are available and work
> as far as I can tell.
> The only exception is printing from Adobe Reader under Windows. Most of
> the options are honored, except the "Color vs. B + W" option. Under the
> "Paper / Quality" tab in the printer options, there is a set of two
> radio buttons with little pictures next to them for Color vs. Black +
> White. Those do not work for me.
> I can only get it to print B + W from Adobe reader under windows if,
> rather than using those buttons, I go into "Advanced..." and then chose
> "Color Mode: Black and White" in the list of printer options. I know
> this, but it could be confusing to our users...
> So I'd like to understand the background better, and why only Adobe
> Reader does this, and whether this behavior can be fixed, e. g. by PPD
> hacking or other tricks...
> Sorry to ask here, but the "forums" link is dysfunctional. Let me know
> if I can help. Best,
> Christian
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