[Printing-architecture] CUPS 1.7.0

Michael Sweet msweet at apple.com
Thu Oct 24 13:36:29 UTC 2013


CUPS 1.7.0 is now released on cups.org.  Changes since 1.7rc1 and 1.6.4 include:

	• Updated Japanese localization.
	• The lpadmin command did not send the PPD name from the "-m" option (<rdar://problem/15264697>)
	• Network backends now use the prtMarkerSuppliesClass property to determine the direction of supply level values (<rdar://problem/14302628>)
	• The scheduler did not remove backup PPD files when a printer was deleted (<rdar://problem/15065555>)
	• The scheduler incorrectly responded to HEAD requests when the web interface was disabled (<rdar://problem/15090332>)
	• The scheduler did not respond using the hostname specified by the client (<rdar://problem/14583574>)
	• Fax queues did not work when shared via Bonjour (<rdar://problem/14498310>)
	• Error messages from the scheduler were not localized using the language specified in the client's IPP request (<rdar://problem/14128011>)
	• Added an Italian localization (<rdar://problem/14481578>)
	• Fixed a couple memory leaks in ippfind that were reported by Clang.
	• Fixed a compile issue on 64-bit Linux with Clang - need to use the -pie option instead of -Wl,-pie now (<rdar://problem/14480938>)
	• The ippfind utility reported the wrong port numbers when compiled against Avahi (<rdar://problem/14508324>)
	• httpGetFd, httpGetFile, httpPutFd, and httpPutFile did not automatically reconnect if the server closed the connecion after the previous response.
	• Fixed a compile error in libcups (<rdar://problem/14467141>)
	• The scheduler incorrectly did not pass a FINAL_CONTENT_TYPE environment variable to the filters or backend (<rdar://problem/14355011>)
	• The cups-exec helper program could fail randomly on OS X due to sandbox violations when closing excess file descriptors (<rdar://problem/14421943>)
	• The scheduler incorrectly did not use the kqueue interface on OS X.


Michael Sweet, Senior Printing System Engineer, PWG Chair

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