[Printing-architecture] [patch] cups-1.7.0: job history fix

Tim Waugh twaugh at redhat.com
Fri Oct 25 15:36:22 UTC 2013


While playing around with a logging enhancement¹ I discovered a bug in
the job history code. It was introduced some time after the public
source repository was taken off-line, so I don't know what the
motivation for the change was.

A cups_joblog_t declares 'char message[1]' for the message, and is
allocated with enough storage for the intended message. However, the
message is copied in with strlcpy, with a limit of
sizeof(cups_joblog_t->message). As a result, the message is severely(!)

The fix is to undo the change as attached.


¹ http://cyberelk.net/tim/2013/10/25/cups-adding-support-for-system-journal/
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