[Printing-architecture] Concept for PPD-less CUPS-spooled printing on Bonjour-discovered network printers

Michael Sweet msweet at apple.com
Fri Nov 1 15:32:26 UTC 2013


On Nov 1, 2013, at 11:06 AM, Till Kamppeter <till.kamppeter at gmail.com> wrote:
>> ...
>> Till, I am curious why you are not using the CUPS APIs from 1.6 and later for this?
> Which new CUPS APIs do you mean?

All of the new destination APIs, including:


> ...
> What alternative would there be without waking up the printer when the
> mobile device enters the WLAN?

Don't create queues until you use/select a printer.  Trying to shoe-horn the former 1990's CUPS browsing experience just exposes the problems with that browsing experience in 2013.

A create-on-first-use approach allows you to list (but not wake up) local printers. And then the queue you create can be full-function, wake up the printer you are about to print to it, etc.
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