[Printing-architecture] Different Collate option handling in pdftopdf and pstops

Michael Sweet msweet at apple.com
Mon Dec 9 15:53:36 UTC 2013


OK, then that is clearly a pdftopdf bug then, which you can report here:


On Dec 9, 2013, at 10:09 AM, Andrey Makhalkin <a.makhalkin at samsung.com> wrote:

> Dear Michael,
> It is not a PDF printer.
> I print to a raster printer using CUPS in Linux Mint 16(a VM for testing
> purposes).
> CUPS filters pipe is the following:
> D [09/Dec/2013:14:34:00 +0400] [Job 16] texttopdf (text/plain to
> application/pdf, cost 32)
> D [09/Dec/2013:14:34:00 +0400] [Job 16] pdftopdf (application/pdf to
> application/vnd.cups-pdf, cost 66)
> D [09/Dec/2013:14:34:00 +0400] [Job 16] gstoraster
> (application/vnd.cups-pdf to application/vnd.cups-raster, cost 99)
> D [09/Dec/2013:14:34:00 +0400] [Job 16] rastertospl
> (application/vnd.cups-raster to printer/test, cost 0)
> rastertospl is proprietary filter, which converts CUPS raster data to
> Samsung's SPL PDL.
> Sincerely yours,
> Andrey Makhalkin
> On 12/09/2013 06:55 PM, Michael Sweet wrote:
>> Andrey,
>> One could argue that pdftopdf should support the cupsManualCopies keyword and generate page references to effectively do multiple copies.
>> However, given that PDF is NOT a streaming format (at least not for the printer, since it needs the entire document to print an arbitrary PDF file) it seems inconceivable that you would have a PDF printer that does not support (collated) copy generation.  And in fact it is a hard requirement for IPP Everywhere printers that support PDF.
>> How are you printing the PDF to the printer?  (output of lpstat -v would be useful)
>> What driver are you using?
>> On Dec 9, 2013, at 8:40 AM, Andrey Makhalkin <a.makhalkin at samsung.com> wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> Our testing group has found an issue with printing of multiple copies
>>> with collate option turned on.
>>> cups-filters version is 1.0.40-0ubuntu1
>>> When PDF workflow is used, pdftopdf filter doesn't put collated copies
>>> of document pages in output pdf file.
>>> With the same PPD file and print options pstops filter produces N *
>>> (numpages) pages in output PS file, which seems to be a correct behavior.
>>> There is an attribute  *cupsManualCopies in PPD file, which is set to False.
>>> There is no Collate option inside the PPD file.
>>> This  printer doesn't seem to support hardware collate, but it supports
>>> hardware page copies.
>>> The expected filter behavior is to produce collated copies of the document.
>>> When we change its value to "True", pdftopdf filter produces the
>>> expected number of pages (does copies manually).
>>> Could you please explain, which filter behaves correctly?
>>> Is it a bug in pdftopdf filter?
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