[Printing-architecture] Google Summer of Code 2016 - Many new applications

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at gmail.com
Thu Mar 24 17:39:55 UTC 2016


tomorrow the student application period will end. Up to now we got 22 
applications, where many lokk interesting and some really strange.

Most are for the kernel, many for LSB, and I had also some luck getting 
3 for OpenPrinting.

Please everyone of you, have a look whether there are proposals which 
you like to mentor, click the "WANT TO MENTOR" button on appropriate 
ones, and remeber the students to complete their applications if they 
are still marked "incomplete" (they must submit a final PDF). Only 
complete applications can get accepted and they do not auto-complete at 
the deadline.

So please remember the students interesting to you to complete their 
applications to do not loose them.

If you got this e-mail but are not registered as mentor but want to see 
the applications, please tell me so that I can invite you as mentor. You 
can read the applications then and step up to mentor a student, but you 
are not required to mentor a student then.

Note that tomorrow is a national holiday in many countries, so please 
send out any reminders, comments, ... today.


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