[Printing-architecture] Status and future of the Common Printing Dialog (CPD)

Michael Weghorn m.weghorn at posteo.de
Sat Mar 26 15:03:46 UTC 2016


the Common Printing Dialog (CPD) initiative/project [1] looks quite
interesting to me.

However, the last official update of the status and future plans I could
find is of May 2010 [2]. After that, there seem to be a few emails on
this mailing list which refer to the CPD, but unfortunately, I could not
find anything on the current status. Also, the mentioned bzr
repositories have last been updated in 2011.

Could somebody possibly say something about the current status of the
Common Printing Dialog? Is further activity planned or has it been
Are there possibly further resources on the Common Printing Dialog and
it is now maintained somewhere else?

I would be very grateful to get more information on this.

Best regards,


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