[Printing-architecture] Status and future of the Common Printing Dialog (CPD)

peter sikking peter at mmiworks.net
Sun Mar 27 16:04:38 UTC 2016

hi Michael,

> Could somebody possibly say something about the current status of the
> Common Printing Dialog? Is further activity planned or has it been
> abandoned?

I led the interaction design work on that project, which again
led and directed the implementation. I guess you have read all
my blog posts, linked from [1].

work on the CPD seized years ago. 2011 sounds about right.

all the right people were in place, had done substantial
amounts (some even a ton) of work on it (usability, design,
implementation) and were ready to move forward. there was
serious work left to do in the design, followed by development.

it was just that the parties who would reap all the value of
this would not support it with what matters: budget. having
paid for a good part of the design work out of my own pocket,
that riled me.

when canonical did a hostile fork of the project, all the able
people walked away and then there was… (nothing for all I know).

ps Micheal: desktop, mobile (keys & touch) and tablet are 4 different
worlds for interaction designers. for your desktop context, you need
desktop designs.



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