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Ira McDonald blueroofmusic at gmail.com
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Of course, we don't encourage people to use Port 9100 (for example)
for printing, but this raw socket kernel panic looks like a serious issue.

- Ira

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Heard on the security now podcast this morning, there is a raw socket Linux
kernel panic that goes back about ten years.  I noticed that you are
involved with the printing stuff, and I recall that includes raw sockets,
which might be likely exposed to the Internet (purposefully or

What I understand is that the issue is in the kernel TCP stack, so there
may be little that can be done from the printer driver level, except maybe
close off the raw socket access until the kernels can be patched.

Steve Gibson expects that by next week, an attack in the wild against
unpatched kernels will be featured front-and-center for his podcast.


--  DaveN

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