[Printing-architecture] Printing when printer is off

Seb seb at h-k.fr
Mon Oct 7 10:17:26 UTC 2019


I print with an old HP LaserJet 4250.
When it is ON, its fan is periodically quite noisy.
So it is OFF most of the time.

In Debian 9, I would send a file to the printer with, say, lpr, then 
switch the printer on and the sheet would appear after a few seconds.

In Debian 10, when I do the same thing the print job remains in limbo. I 
have to connect to CUPS' web interface to manually "release" the job.
(If I turn the printer ON before printing, all is fine.)

CUPS' configuration is "retry-job" in Set Printer Options > General > 

I can't find what is wrong in the configuration. I use the same PPD file 
as in Debian 9.

Would anyone have an idea?

Thanks in advance,

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